How democrats can retake state governments in the long-game.

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In 1980, even in the wake of the election of Ronald Reagan as the most influential Republican in modern history, Democrats controlled 29 state legislatures, compared to the 15 that were held by Republicans. Four decades later, in the 2020 election that was expected to see a “blue wave,” that number had almost entirely reversed. Now, Republicans control 30 state legislatures, while Democrats control just 18.

Now, even as Democrats occupy the majority in the federal congress and the White House, Republicans on state levels are not only undermining federal political plays, but they are creating actively harmful legislation for…

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It’s no secret that Democrats won small, but won big in 2020. Sure, they might have won in a photo finish in the end, but even that was a victory far bigger than a couple Senate seats.

Not only did the past election cycle bring some much-deserved attention to the grassroots fundraising and dirty work that gets done on the ground (especially for people like Stacy Abrams, who effectively spent a decade working to achieve what Georgians finally did in January), but the margin of victory was so small that the Dems have plenty of deniability for anything they can’t…

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After one of the most divided presidential elections in American history, it goes without saying that the predictability from the White House over the next four years will be a nice moment of peace for many. But, as this presidency has only just begun, the question of who will likely follow President Biden looms over political minds everywhere. Here are some names we can expect to see in the 2024 presidential election.

Kamala Harris

With President Biden being the oldest commander-in-chief ever, it’s not an expectation that he will run in 2024. So, Vice President Kamala Harris is the likely forerunner of…

Jacob Shropshire

International Comparative Politics and Journalism student at the American University of Paris.

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