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  • Irina Popova

    Irina Popova


  • Abia Noumbissi

    Abia Noumbissi

    Student studying International Politics/Journalism | Dreamer | Disruptor | Cinephile | Coffee Enthusiast | You can also find me at afriquealive.com

  • Lilly Porter

    Lilly Porter

  • Josie Timberlake

    Josie Timberlake

    American girl living in France. I’m passionate about personal development, languages, and art that inspires.

  • Matthew Fraser

    Matthew Fraser

    Author, professor, lives in Paris with a bichon frisé called Hector. Latest book: In Truth: A History of Lies from Ancient Rome to Modern America (April, 2020).

  • Zeina Abouelmakarem

    Zeina Abouelmakarem

    Passionate about cultures and the roots of everything. Global Communications & Film Studies at the American University of Paris

  • Lindsey Varkevisser

    Lindsey Varkevisser

    International Politics major at AUP in Paris. Nature lover.

  • Olivia Shrager

    Olivia Shrager

    Media Studies student passionate about journalism, politics, art, and good eats.

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